Your walking to a forest, enraged for noting. Your head is low, looking at the dirt and leaf-filled ground. You hit your head on a branch, but continue walking. You find yourself at the other end of the forest. You run as quick as you can, and you fall flat on your face. You roll to your back, looking at the sky. You find the sunshine fade into darkness, and you pass out. You feel someone step on you, which wakes you. You see two other cats. One looks enraged, but the other... is the complete opposite . She looks sweet. You roll back over, and look at the enraged cat. "What is this kit doing here, in out territory?" The enraged cat said. "Shadow Heart! You don't know if she's just lost!" The other cat said . "Are you lost?" Shadow Heart asked. You nod. "See? I told you!" The sweet cat said. "What's your name, Kit?" Shadow Heart said. "It's :Your name here:" "Come to our clan." The sweet cat said. "Welcome to the Shadow Force Clan child."

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